Looking for used or refurbished film, DI, postproduction, archival, or restoration equipment?

We leverage our technical expertise and network of contacts garnered through years of industry experience to handle the finding, refurbishment, and installation of all sorts of equipment including:

  • Film Scanners & Recorders

  • Color Correction / Finishing Systems

  • Image Processing & Restoration Systems

  • Editorial / Film Handling Equipment

  • Film & Video Projectors

  • Densitometers & Colorimeters

  • and more . . . let us know what you're looking for!

Have a piece of postproduction or film equipment in need of repair? We are often able to source the parts and get your equipment running again. 

Contact us to discuss your project or equipment needs today!​

We buy used production and postproduction equipment from time to time. Contact us and let us know what you have!